Audie L. Murphy

15th Regiment
3rd Infantry Division

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The 3rd Infantry Division (RPS) is a living memorial to the brave men and woman of World War Two and to the men of the 3rd US Infantry Division of which we are proud to wear their patch.

World War Two re-enacting is a fun and exciting hobby that combines many facets of military collecting, research and the camaraderie of working and playing with others who share the same historical interests. Playing military video games will no longer seem exciting and watching war movies will take on a whole new meaning after you have lived and fought the battles like our hero's of WW2.

The 3rd ID (RPS) is based on the West Coast. With members located in Northern & Central California, Nevada, Arizona, and Oregon.

Our objective is to portray as authentically and accurately as possible, the typical infantryman of WW2 and in particular that of the 3rd ID. We strive to create an accurate impression with respect to our uniforms, equipment and appearance. We believe that a "living history" is best reflected by not only emulating the appearance of the individual "Marne Dawg", but also reenacting all the other facets of military life of the 1942-45 period. We not only recreate accurate barracks impressions and field encampments down to the smallest detail, but even our entertainment is of the period.

We invite you to visit our web site that contains many photos and historical reference and if you have any questions or your interested in reenacting with the 3rd Infantry Division, please contact our Company First Sergeant at the following link.

Thank You,
Eric Kozlowski, Commanding